Give today to aid immigrants and refugees in navigating COVID-19  image

Give today to aid immigrants and refugees in navigating COVID-19

Our staff are here to support the whole community

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We need your help now more than ever!

Despite working from home, Asian Community & Cultural Center staff are still very busy making phone calls, arranging deliveries and services, and having Zoom and other types of meetings with our clients and partners; particularly our seniors need assistance with food and medicine delivery. Our staff are coordinating care with medical providers via conference calls. We're doing our best to keep everyone safe. There are many worries in these uncertain times: people are still getting mail where they worry about benefits and access to resources, some are getting laid off and staff are helping with new job and/or unemployment applications. Our staff do regular mental health check-ins and provide advice for managing stress and how to do physical distancing. Domestic violence clients need additional support at this time. We continue to explore new ways to offer online citizenship and language classes. In short the work hasn’t changed, just the delivery!

Communication has always been a big part of what we do. Now we are doing our best to provide area agencies and state and local government whatever support they need in terms of translation and advice on messaging. Our staff are monitoring the misinformation that is being shared by their clients and we are creating responses and information guides.

Staff and clients are also extremely concerned about racism and violence towards Asians at this time. For example, a Karen father and son were just attacked in Texas with a knife and our community here is feeling extremely vulnerable, so it is our responsibility to inform and educate the public about this. Bystander intervention is one tool to counter these harmful narratives and discrimination.

You can help us continue to do this good work with a donation! We thank you for your support!